Investment Management

Natural Selection Financial, Inc.'s current investment product provides superior liquidity and visibility by leveraging instruments available through Guggenheim Investments (formerly Rydex|SGI). Individual investors have complete access to their accounts and can track changes daily. This provides the potential for competitive returns while allowing the investor to remain more fully in control of their assets. In contrast to hedge fund and private equity investments, this model offers the individual investor outstanding flexibility and access to an alternative investment asset class.

By designating Natural Selection Financial, Inc. as the financial professional on an account held with Guggenheim Investments, we are able to trade an investor's assets in and out of indexed instruments according to our models without taking custody of the investor’s funds. This protects against multiple forms of business risk for an investor, while providing visibility into positions at all times and the capability to liquidate funds daily. There are no lock-in periods or redemption windows that prevent an investor from accessing their assets.

Natural Selection Financial, Inc. has a suggested minimum investment of $100,000 for individual investors. Fees can be assessed on a management fee basis, or for accredited investors on a performance fee basis if they so choose. Fees are assessed quarterly and billed directly, with no load or embedded cost to the Guggenheim Investments account other than those directly charged by Guggenheim Investments.

About Guggenheim Investments (formerly Rydex|SGI)

Guggenheim Investments is a $119+ billion investment company that offers diverse mutual funds, including funds that track major market indexes up or down and are chartered for twice-daily trading. Clients open an account with Guggenheim Investments and always have complete access to their funds.

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